Friday, March 18, 2016

Craft Room Additions & Gift Box Cut File

Today, I have a couple things that I haven't done in a while, a quick update on my craft room and a free cut file!

First, let's talk craft room!  For the most part, I haven't made major changes in my room, but I do have a new storage system for my sequins and glitters.  I have a ton of small embellishments and I like to be able to see them when I work.  Some of you all know that I work in a lab, so this storage solution will not be a surprise;)  My old system (condiment cups like this) was getting hard to store and organize, so these clear plastic disposable test tubes were the perfect alternative.  Plus, the test tubes are nice and organized in plastic racks that hold up to 40 tubes.  I keep them arranged by color and they are a joy to look at and use.  If you're interested in trying something similar, there are lots of options for tubes and racks on Amazon and other places online.  Most of them are very inexpensive (especially when you don't need lab-quality stuff). 

I also added one more piece of furniture to my room.  In my never ending quest to position both my Silhouette Cameo and Brother Scan N Cut out in the open where I can store and use them, I found the perfect cart!  Technically, it's an Ikea coffee table, but the wheels make it more like a cart.  I had been searching for a cart for this purpose and could not find one that was big enough and without a lip around the edge.  The shelves on this cart/table are perfectly smooth (rounded edges) and that means that I can actually cut on the cart/table without worrying about my mats catching on the edge of the shelf.  Believe it or not, I can now cut on both machines at the same time.  Just plug and go!  I'm a happy gal:)  

And speaking of cutting machines, I've been using my Silhouette to make these little gift boxes.  I created this custom gift box to fit 3 test tubes, but they are a great size for a small things like jewelry, bar of soap, or candy.  I have a been making a ton of boxes with my extra scrapbook paper and sending out goodies to crafty friends:)    

If you want to download the Silhouette studio file (for free!), please go to my cut file page here.  I have this file and lots more to share.

And if you are interested in other craft room ideas, check out the following posts:

Have a fantastic weekend!  Thanks so much for stopping by!

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  1. WOW...I love your craft room!

  2. Love your organizing (so pretty) and craft room. Very cute gift box - such a pretty gift.

  3. Hi JJ!! You have BOTH a Brother Scan n Cut and a Cameo? I would LOVE to ask you about that! I bought the Brother Scan n cut (still in the box, ha!!). Are there things that the Cameo can do that the Scan n Cut can't? As someone who owns both I would be so happy if you could answer that for me!! Thanks so much JJ! Love your room!!

  4. I am swooning over the test tube storage, such a fun idea... do you by chance know the manuf. of the holders you're using? I love the shape/look of them!

  5. Ooooh, this is sooooo pretty!!! What a great idea to use the test tubes!! I love that they are long and skinny, so that you really get to see/show off what's inside (vs. a short and fat container). Also, LOVE your blog header!! You are probably thinking, "um Kelly, I changed that last year sometime," but I always get your posts delivered to me via email to make sure I don't miss a thing, so I just haven't seen it on your blog yet : )

  6. Just getting caught up on blogging after a nasty flu...
    Firstly, I LOVE the brightness of your craft room! Having all that beautiful white Ikea furniture is just perfect, too! I love that you chose test tubes to store your sequins and glittery fun to look at while your crafting! Thanks so much for sharing the pattern for your lovely gift boxes...what a sweet way to package some goodies!
    I agree with Kelly ~ Your blog header is amazing, JJ!!!


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