Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Holiday Cards 2018 - Mama Elephant Yappy Joy - 1/50

Hi guys!

I've finally got the craftroom in the new house set up enough to do some serious crafting!  Now that I have a good place to spread out the mess, I can start working towards my holiday goal of 50 cards by mid December.   I'm a really slow cardmaker, so 50 is a lot for me.  

Let's start off my quest for 50 with an easy clean and simple card using some Mama Elephant stamps and dies (Yappy Woofmas stamps and Joy Ornaments dies).  Using dies with image stamps is an oldie but a goodie:)

I will keep posting my progress as I work through my cards and, hopefully, I'll get to 50!  Thanks for stopping by!


P.S.  I just got a new kind of ink to use with my coloring from Gina K Designs.  It is the new GinaK amalgam ink.  I really like it!  It's a deep rich black and it doesn't smear at all.  And it works with alcohol markers, watercolors, and colored pencils.  If you've been curious about it, don't hesitate to try it out!  JJ

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  1. Super cute design, JJ! Beautiful coloring and I love the snowflake pattern in the background! I'm hearing great reviews on the amalgam ink...I think I'm going to check it out :)


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