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I think us crafters love craft rooms and craft supplies almost as much as crafting itself!  I'm lucky enough to have a room dedicated to crafting in our current home and I've shared the room on my blog as it's progressed through time.  As my supplies have changed, my room has changed.  When I set up my room, I had some goals in mind:
  • Keep the layout flexible.  That means, no built-ins.  My father lives with us and this room could potentially be converted into a bedroom if he needed a room on the main floor.  So no built in cabinets for me. 
  • Low-cost, used, or upcycled where possible.  Craigslist and Ikea were my best resources!
  • Keep things light , bright, and white!  I prefer to have a room with little to no color on the wall or in the furniture.  The color of the room can give a tint to the color of the light in the room.  
  • Turn supplies into decor.  Personally, I love the look of my multi-color supplies, so why not put them on display?  I've tried to incorporate fun and colorful ways to display my bits and bobs. 
  • You only have to please yourself.  This is my room and it's laid out according to what I like to use and look at most.  Make your room yours! 
I hope you find some ideas to get your own workspace organized! 



My worktable is a simple hollow core door on top of two metal cabinets that my father got for pennies from a fabric store going out of business.  The cabinets were originally for holding sewing patterns.  I want to paint them some day, but for now, white contact paper works really well.  The table measures about 8" wide and 4" deep.  The drawers are super deep and can pull be opened all the way even when they are loaded up.  


This large hutch was purchased from Craigslist.  It's huge, made of real wood, and already came painted white.  It took me about 7 months to find this one online.  Great mix of open shelving and closed drawers. Plus, the gold handles are fun!

This large metal lateral file ($5 at an estate sale) is covered in subtle patterned contact paper.  I use one drawer for my good cardstock, so it doesn't get warped.  The rest of the drawers are for my regular household papers.  Because it's metal, I can use magnets on it.

This white bookcase is from Ikea.  It is a bookcase [Billy bookcase] with two doors at the bottom.  I have two of these bookcases on either side of my large double window.

This long, standing height table is from Ikea as well.  It was bought separately as a table top [Linnmon topand adjustable metal legs [Olov legs].  Underneath, I have an Ikea metal rolling coffee table [Ikea PS 2012 Coffee Tableand an Ikea cabinet [Alex cabinet].  Both the coffee table and cabinet are on casters.  


I work in a lab, so scientific supplies are my thing.  Small flasks make great glitter holders and look great!  These particular volumetric flasks are 25 mL volume.

I got this sponge dauber holder at a scrapbook convention but they are available lots of places online.

I keep my Copics in inexpensive pencil cups in the top of a metal cart from Ikea [Raskog cart].  The whole cart or each pencil holder can be moved to my work table or other work surface.  

The metal rack at the bottom of the picture is from a scrapbook store that went out of business.  At the same sale, I also picked up some plastic display hooks that are hooked onto magazine file holders.     

I keep my good, heavy cardstock in hanging folders.  I've found that if you store them standing up, the paper will bend because of the weight of the paper.  

My weakness seems to be sequins and large glitter.  So to wrangle my collection, I looked to scientific supplies again.  These sequins are contained in plastic disposable test tubes and stored in test tube racks.  There are lots of inexpensive options online.

These large ink pad racks are from Organize More [Pro Ink size].  I bought them on sale and they are worth every penny. I got this size because they fit ink pads from many different vendors.  

My stamps and larger die sets are stored in pockets from Avery Elle.  I also found some smaller square pockets (search online for "CD plastic sleeve") that are made of the same material as the Avery Elle pockets.  I store both types of pockets in media baskets from Ikea [Motorp].


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  1. I too am a science nerd. I love how you've incorporated that into your craft room. I never thought about using flasks and testubes like that

  2. I learned several things about storage from this wonderful post! Thanks SO much for sharing! 😊

  3. Dear JJ
    I came to your blog to comment on the waffleflower blog hop but when I saw the heading craft room I had to put a peak and i stumbled upon a treasure trove.Love the clean and simple organisation. I am doing up my crafty space and every idea is valuable. Thanks for the idea on papers. Now I have tolook for a way to organise it differently. Tc stay safe


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